Your commutes are going to become better, from the next time you start your car. Vootto is the
first car air purifier that works For You - clearing your car of ash, smoke and persistent nasty
smells. A smart product designed specifically for Wise Drivers.

• Engines Running – Vootto automatically activates when it detects a lit cigarette, with a quiet and
efficient suction of the smoke and ash.
• Hitting the Gas- Vootto’s three stage filtering system includes a HEPA filter and a
high-tech Photocatalyst filter which reduces up to 99% of all pollutants.
• Drive in the Open Air - With interchangeable fragrance capsules you could choose your favorite
aroma and ride free – no ash, no smoke and most importantly, No Smell.

Motor Blades - Our self developed motor blades were created to ensure a quiet and powerful
suction that not only vacuums the smoke and ash from a distance of 4 inches, but also shreds the
ash and debris to ease the filtration and purification process.

Fragrance Capsules - Utilizing unique odor neutralizing fragrances, our interchangeable capsules
ensure a fresh ride, every ride, with maximum effect.

Heat Sensor - Equipped with a cutting-edge heat sensor, Vootto will detect a lit cigarette and will
automatically increase suction and scent distribution to make sure that no trace of smoke will
linger in the vehicle.


HEPA + Carbon Filters - Bringing a new standard of air purification to your car, we incorporated an
elaborate filtration system used mostly for bio-medical and military uses - guaranteeing the best
quality of air possible for you.


Photocatalyst Filter - This high-tech mechanism utilizes a special LED light to jump-start a
chemical process which filters and eliminates up to 99% of all pollutants from the air - being either
Bacteria, Allergens or Gases. Vootto negates the harmful effects of air pollution in your car in a
matter of minutes.

Innovation is the art of solving a problem everyone else ignores in ways that brings forth simplicity
and creativity. That is exactly what we achieved with Vootto. How? we brought onboard the best
visionaries and innovators of our time to help form, grow and evolve Vootto from a seed idea to
a working solution. Like who? Like Amir Zaid, one of Ferrari's own product engineers.