What is Vootto?

Vootto is the first smart car air purifier which gives the driver HEPA standard purification, utilizing Photocatalyst technology, customizable scents and counter smoke functions. All in a compact, easy to manage, device.Sucking the ash and smoke straight from the cigarette, Vootto enables hands-free and distraction-free operation.

How does Vootto connect to your car?

Vootto’s slick design fits perfectly into any standardized cup-holders, so you don’t have to make any adjustments for it to fit comfortably in your car. 

Do you need to clean the machine after some uses?

o No need. Since the filter system is interchangeable, it does not need to be cleaned from the inside. You could always wipe it externally with a cloth. There is a need to empty the cigarette butt container when full.

How does Vootto actually work?

Vootto uses a variety of advanced sensors and indicators which allows it to detect the heat from a lit cigarette. Rest your cigarette next to Vootto, and the magic will begin. 

How long is the battery-life on Vootto?

Vootto operates by plugging into your standardized USB outlet, so it starts operation automatically when the car starts.

How long does a Vootto’s fragrance capsule works?

A Vootto’s fragrance capsule usually lasts for 30 days of consecutive use, on average of frequency and amount of driving. In order to always have the strongest, freshest, smell we recommend you change the capsule once every 30 days. 

How should I maintain the quality of the filtering system?

Vootto’s three-stage filtering system cleans up to 99% of harmful substances from the air, and you never need to worry it will change. Our filtering system, just like our fragrances, is interchangeable. That way we can make sure your Vootto works absolutely the best way it possibly can, always. 

Do you still need to open the windows while smoking and driving with Vootto?

Absolutely not! Vootto will suck in the ash and smoke, filter it and counter its smell. Windows closed – fresh air. 

Do the fragrances counter cigarette smoke only?

Of-course not! Vootto’s fragrance and filter capsules filter out as much as 97% of harmful substances from the air, thus countering already more than cigarette smoke. The fragrances counter smoke smell – all kinds of smoke, not just cigarettes. 

How long does it take until a change is noticeable?

In just 7 minutes! Vootto works automatically and filters the air constantly – change will be noticeable within minutes of the first ride. 

Will it work in my country?

Vootto is not limited and works fully all around the globe.

What chargers are compatible with the product?

Vootto is equipped with a standardized USB outlet.

Will you keep support the product?

Wise Smoker LTD will of-course keep support of the product through the Wise Smoker website and local distributers.

Is the product water resistant?

Vootto is equipped with water resistant technology so you won’t have to worry about it getting wet, but we highly recommend not to operate Vootto where it can get exposed to water.