We Are WiseSmoker

wise smoker

Founded in 2017, Wise Smoker LTD is devoted to Smart air purifying solutions for interior use and automobiles. By using innovative design and patented technologies we are able to bring forth a new standard of air quality, for smokers and non-smokers alike!

Our Vision

Neglected over the years and looked over, the smoking public has been stuck decades in the past in terms of technological developments. Recognizing this huge, and still growing, need for smarter solutions, Wise Smoker LTD was founded to provide this public with a much needed breath of fresh air and ingenuity.

Our goal is to create a new reality for our public, one where a better quality of life is not mere fantasy but actual, achievable, possibility. We are charging forward with the best of minds, engineers, designers and visionaries to accomplish this exact goal and to create a new and improved standard of living.

Our Achievements

Wise Smoker LTD has reached impressive feats in both the local and international spheres.

Winners of StartUpEast incubator program

Finalists of TAU innovation competition

2 PCT Patent registered

Ron eyal

Founder & CEO

Tzach gabai

VP & Co-Founder

Amir Zaidl

Product Manager

Adam atias

VP of Sales & Business Development

Brad Hofman


Gil fisher

Prodaction manager

Julian pachnge

CEO of Wise Smoker China

Matan perry

Head of Digital Marketing